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5 November 2018

It must have been a long while since I did a post...

Hi readers,

I hope all of you are well.... I am well too, just that I have been quite busy lately..
Like I have always like to tell my friends, busy is good....

Ever since the setting up my Carousell account, we have a constant flows of orders for Field Notes. So far, the sales for Field Notes Pitch Black Dot Graph has been picking up.
That little black book is the best place to keep your darkest secret!!

Another thing that is keeping me busy is with the toggling of my study-system..
I have been trying out different systems of keeping my lecture and handwritten notes, and have been switching between my MacBook, my printed notes, and my iPad.
I am still in the discovering stage, and maybe when things are more grounded, I can share with you my system.

Beside my updates, I will also like to share about a "toy", or "tool" I discovered lately.
They called it, The Wright Pen.

I know I should stop buying pen.... But.....  how can I resist a pen (or pens) for sketching ????
Even though I have not been sketching much for the past months, but adding another tool to my collection "won't hurt", right?

I have a few reasons to get this pen (I am trying to convince myself)

First, I don't have to carry many pens for my sketch. Just one pen, will do.
This pen comes with multi-tip, ranging from, to 0.5mm and 0.7mm.
That is like Fine, Medium and Broad - all in one.

The second reason being, I can now use my own waterproof ink (I have a few bottles of them) with this pen. To me, this is the selling point!!

One side of me is telling me to resist.....
Another side of me is telling me to get it...

But of course, I have to admit the good stuff don't cost cheap.
The price for a single pen is USD$48 (for the Early Bird) - it is cheap compare to the many other pens that I have bought on kickstarter, but for that price... I can buy many many Sakura pigment ink pens.
To add on, the aluminium body is something that kept me pondering.. won't plastic has a nicer feel?
But metal body certainly makes a pen look classic - there's a sense of seriousness.

Still thinking..... should I, or Should I not.

What are your thoughts?

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