24 October 2017

My Muji Field Notes sleeve

Went shopping at Muji, and discovered this sleeve that I guess will fit Field Notes perfectly. 

And I’m right! 

It’s does fit a single Field Notes nicely! Not only that, I’m able to slot in my Lamy Vista fountain pen in it. 

To add colour to the black background, I’ve added the Field Notes Campfire edition patch to it; its simply beautiful! 

Carry this daily allows me to journal anywhere anytime. I’ve also some index card for me to pen useful information when necessary. 

8 October 2017

Your parcel is on the way!

For those who had just ordered the A6 card holder, you parcel is on the way! 

We hope you'll receive them soon! 

7 October 2017

Field Notes in Singapore

For our Field Notes fans in Singapore, the new Field Notes edition is now available! 

We know you don't want to give this edition a miss, so drop us a message to get a pack of this beautiful edition.