14 December 2014

Time management tool - Chronodex.

If you have been searching for time management tools / guide / systems, you might have chanced upon Chronodex.

This system was designed by Patrick Ng,  and it has proven to be a useful system.
The design was improved over time, and the template is available for download (for free).

This is the latest Chronodex design. 
I had downloaded the (old) template and customized a stamp for personal use. 
It makes planning easy for me as I can stamp the diagram in my notebook, or index card. 

But, I have been falling in and out of the system.
(1) I find it a challenge to keep up to the programs I've planned.
(2) The ink from the stamp tends to bleed through the page of my notebook, causing a print on the next page. 

I have stopped using Chronodex for a while. And recently, I revisited the system. 

When I placed 2 Chronodex diagrams onto a page, I had limited writing space. 

Therefore, I decided to print one diagram on each page.
I will stamp the diagram on the top page, and create my To-Do-List on the bottom.

I will usually do my planning in the morning so that I can have a general idea of my day's schedule. 
I'll take it as a guideline and to complete as many tasks as possible within that day. 

As I mentioned earlier, the ink of the stamp tends to bleed through the page. 
In order not to waste that "damaged" page, I'll draw over the "bleed through" diagram, and relabeled the time on the diagram.

There's a write up on how to use Chronodex
But as a user, I will encourage you to create your own methods to make the system works for you. 
I had tried to adopt the methods of other Chronodex users, but it doesn't work for me. 
So, I decided to do things My Way. 

Chronodex is not for everyone. 
There are many other time management systems available online, and you might find something suitable for you. 

If you have a time management system that you can share with me, do drop me an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com. 
And I'll take this opportunity to learn something new. 

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  1. Where did you get your stamp? I have been looking for one!
    Thanks in advance