26 November 2015

The Metal stencil

We have just brought in some metal stencil which is ideal for your journaling!!

This stencil allows you to draw out about 60 different icons. 

24 November 2015

Field Notes 56-Weeks Planner.

Field Notes planner?

Yes, Field Notes finally launch a planner after so many years of providing us with good notebook. 

It's actually not too ideal to have a planner in Field Notes size as there will be limitation in write the essential stuffs. 
So this planner is slightly bigger than its usual size. It measures 4.75" x 7.5". 

4 November 2015

How I use my Field Notes - 3CPP Method.

After using notebooks for years, I came to realised that there's no fix way of using your notebook.

For years, I have been browsing on the Internet on how other people use their notebooks.
Those users are so creative and they can make their notebooks look interesting. 
I have tried out some of the methods, but did not quite like it.
Beside that, I am too lazy to decorate my notebooks; i just like to write. 

It took me a long while before I found a suitable method this year, and that the 3CPP method. 

I'm using the Two-River edition. 

3 November 2015

We are 2 Years Old!!!!

We are 2 Years Old!!
And it has been a 2 wonderful years with so much supports from our fans and readers.

Thank you, and we hope to provide more useful posts for you.