25 January 2017

The lost touch lead.

Pencil, is what I am referring to. 

In the fast, advanced technology world, writing has become less and less frequent. And even when we write, we do it mostly with pen. 


Pencil, is a tool that I hardly use, until recently when I started sketching (drawing). And I realised that it took me forever to finish one pencil - I have tons of them waiting for me - looks like I will have my whole life to finish them. 

To me, it's a new-found tool worth looking into. 

9 January 2017

My Every Day Carry Notebook.

Happy 2017 to all my readers and I hope you have a good start for this wonderful year. 

Today, I'm going to share with you about my Every Day Carry (EDC) Notebook - my Traveler's Company Camel passport size Traveler's Notebook. 

2 January 2017

Other accessories for sales.

At times, I am amazed by how many accessories one has in his/her Traveler's Notebook. 

Just like an iceberg, most of the time, we only see the surface of the TN, but it is what unseen inside the TN that amazed us. 

Many people asked about what I have in my stock list that will enhance their TNs. 

So now, here's the list:

For Sales: Zipper Pouches

Zipper pouches have been one of the best accessories designed for our Traveler's Notebook. 
Depending on the type of zipper pouch,  we can now carry our cards, stickers, notes and even pen with our Traveler's Notebook. 
Personally, I am using an Advanced zipper pouch in my Camel Traveler's Notebook. 


So here are some of the Zipper Pouches available for Sale:

1 January 2017

My (beginner) sketching experiences.

Sketching is something that I've been wanting to do, but I have never go about doing it, fearing that I can't sketch better than my peers.

I decided to leap off the cliff of fear, and dive into the wonders of art.
Sketching (in my own words), is my way of expressing my views, onto paper with a pen.
I shouldn't take it as a competition, and compete with others (who are much better than me).

I did my first sketch based on the photo above. 
I am proud of myself (as a beginner) to be able to pen what i saw onto paper.