29 August 2014

A cheaper alternative - Muji Notebook

I have been using Field Notes (FN) size (3.5 x 5.5 inch) notebooks for close to 1 year - Field Notes & Word. Notebooks, and I find notebooks of this size very suitable for me - It's handy and easy to bring around. 

Eventually, I have all my leather covers made FN sizes.  

But there is one problem: 
These notebooks aren't cheap, and the local stationery stores don't carry notebooks in this size. 

But lately, I found out that 1 of Muji notebooks is close to FN size, 
and I decided to give it a try (replacing my Field Notes Shelterwood edition). 

Measuring 5.75 x 3.65, it is slightly bigger than FN size notebook. But it still fits nicely inside the FN size leather cover.

With its binding method, it is hard to find the centre-fold for this notebook. 
Over a period of a few days, the elastic cord of my leather cover cuts into the binding, tearing the binding apart.

It doesn't look good; I have to apply tape on the external spine,
as well as the inside the notebook. 

Even with tapes applied, the elastic cord still managed to cut into the notebook. 

Paper quality wise, it's not too bad  ; 
at least, my fountain pen ink doesn't bleed through. 

I should do another review at a later date to see how the notebook last.


  1. hi! im using Muji notebooks and planners as fillers to my fauxdori, too. I apply electrical tape over the paper binding to reduce the tears. Like yours, the elastic cord on my planner cuts through the miji notebook spine, too :)

  2. you can use a round punch and remove a round portion above and below the spine of your notebooks so that the spine will be the perfect size for your elastic band. no more cutting and decent looking (won't be noticed unless you remove the notebook, and even then the removed area will have a defined shape)

  3. Elena, that means the punch has to punch through the thickness of the notebook ?

    perhaps i am not getting the correct picture...