29 November 2014

Standard Memorandum 2015, now SOLD OUT.

Note to our readers: 
As of 03 Jan 2015, we have SOLD OUT all our Standard Memorandum 2015.
Let's look forward to the Standard Memorandum 2016.

23 November 2014

Field Notes for Sales!!

To thin my collection, I've decided to sell some of my Field Notes.

You can refer to our Shop Blog Page for more information.

4 items have been listed for sales, and they are.....

12 November 2014

Writing.... with fountain pens.

a habit that I have cultivated since young, either as a form of punishment, or as a form of isolation. 

Those notes taking moment... 

Standard Memorandum, a pocket planner full of memories.

This Standard Memorandum has been with me all the time since the start of Year 2014. 

It is a small planner, but it serves a great purpose. 

6 November 2014

The Pocket Dump

Introducing The Pocket Dump, the sleeve for your notebooks. 

For many notebook users, like me, we like to keep our notebook in our pockets (especially cargo pants). Over time, the cover of our beloved notebook became badly wore out. 

Some notebook holders can be too bulky to stuff into our pants pocket; Some similar commercial is too expensive because of the material use and the cost of production.

Therefore, I decided to produce a sleeve that is thin, light and affordable.