29 November 2014

Standard Memorandum 2015, now SOLD OUT.

Note to our readers: 
As of 03 Jan 2015, we have SOLD OUT all our Standard Memorandum 2015.
Let's look forward to the Standard Memorandum 2016.

For those who love Vintage stuff, this one is for you.

Imagine, keeping a piece of your memories, and hand down to your off-spring.
Share with them a memorable day of your life - with this little notebook.  

For my readers, now you can have a copy of your memories kept with a small fee of S$16.00.

What can you do with the Standard Memorandum?
You can keep record of your:
 - daily Good deeds,
 - daily Bad deeds,
 - the date some one borrow money from you, etc. 

Before the stock runs out, you can grab a copy now. 
To order, drop us a mail at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com.

For international buyer, we do provide international postage, and payment can be made by Paypal. 

Act now. 

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