10 October 2014

My Creme Brûlée 2015 Planner.

Year 2015 is not far away (81 days left as of 13 Oct 2014) and my planner shopping came early this year. 

I was planning to get Midori passport size 2015 planner, both the weekly and monthly, but the price has always been a concern. 

Midori Traveler's Notebook 2015 Diary
2015 Monthly (Passport Size)

2015 Weekly (Passport size)
Recently, I have gotten a A6 size Fauxdori (Creme Brulee) from Chic Sparrow , and I have plans to make it into my 2015 planner system.

Why do I need another Fauxdori while I have so many in my collections?
As you can see, most of the fauxdori in my collections are of Field Notes size,
and my local book store does not offer notebooks in that size.
A6 size notebooks are widely available in Singapore (and a lot more cheaper). 
Blank and Write Shop sells Field Notes and Word. Notebooks,
but with the recently adjustment in shipping charges, it is no longer cost effective to bring them into Singapore.

While shopping at Muji (Singapore), I found a series of 2015 planners, and their A6 size planners have the exact features I wanted for my 2015 Planner System. 

Monthly planner on the Left, and Weekly planner on the Right. 
What is my 2015 Planner System?
It consists of 3 different (A6 size) notebooks:
(1) Weekly planner, 
(2) Monthly planner, & 
(3) notebook. 

Weekly Planner:

With the wide space available, I am able to pen down my schedules in the Weekly Planner.
I might have different appointments in a day, and I will need the space to write down the time and locations. 

Monthly Planner:

This gives me an overview of the important dates of the month (birthdays, important appointments, etc). 

The Notebook:

I need to have a notebook to pen down my Daily To-Do-List.
My preference is to have a graph paper notebook as I am writing down my TDL in Bullet Journal style. 
This is also the place where I pen down random information - a place for doodling as well. 

I added a pen holder (similar to MTN pen holder), 
but I couldn't decided which pen to use for this system. 

This 2015 planner offers stickers of the Singapore 2015 Public Holidays, which save me a lot of time going through the website and penning them into the planners. 

Along the way, I might do some enhancements to the system. 


  1. I would love this system but can't seem to find Muji A6 calendars here in the US....

    1. Jekswang, if you need help, you can drop me an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com. I can help you get some and send it over to you.