23 September 2014

My write, Midori Brass Pen / Bullet Pen

For the fans of Midori Traveler's Notebook, you will not miss out the brass products that Midori offers, especially the Brass ball point pen. 

There are 3 colors available - Solid brass, White, and Brown.

Myself, I am carrying a Midori Solid Brass pen.

Measuring at 11mm in diameter and 97mm in Height, it is small, compact, and easy to bring around.
The design is somewhat similar to the bullet pencils that was very popular the in 1930s - 1950s, with companies giving out freely as a form of advertising (similar to business cards).
You can read more about the history of Bullet Pencil from here.

This design comes with a pen clip and a ring loop. 
The user can choose to clip the pen to their Traveler's Notebook, or carry around with the pen attach to the key chain. 

The brass pen works like a normal pen when extended.
Despite the fact that this is a brass pen, it is light, and comfortable to write with.

Here, you see the exploded view of the brass pen.
Take extra precaution when you are attempting to open the cap when you want to change the ink refill - that cap might fly off after the little spring release its tension.
Likewise when you are capping the pen, I'd almost lost the cap after changing the refill - all thanks to the spring.

If you are a big fan for BIG HANDWRITING, this pen might not be suitable for you.

There is only one tip available for this pen - Fine tip - ONLY FINE TIP.

In my opinion, this is a perfect pen for Graph pen - it works beautifully with my Field Notes Graph Paper.  I can easily fill up a page of the graph paper with this pen. 

Although the refill looks small, but it can write a long way. 

Currently, I am attaching my Midori brass pen to the top of my Midori passport size Traveler's Notebook. I have tried attaching it to the side, but somehow, having it on top looks more attractive. 


  1. Thanks for the review and all of the helpful photos! Do you know if it's possible to swap out the refill with something else? That is, are you aware of any other manufacturer that makes a similarly sized refill in a gel or rollerball?

  2. Great photos; love how it sits in Travelers Notebook at the top rather than side.