21 September 2014

My write, Karas Kustoms Brass Bolt.

Today, let me write about the heaviest pen in my collection - The Brass Bolt, weighing 79.38 grams.

Before I commit to this pen, I had heard many good reviews about it.
It was fully sold out on Karas Kustoms website.
I was very curious about this pen. 

And decided to get one myself (from another website) to explore the goodness in this pen.

When I got this pen in the post, my response was "this is heavy!".
Seriously, this is not a pen you will use during a 2-hours examination.
It will be a suicide mission:
- either you are slow in writing, and not able to complete the paper, or
- your wrist will be over strained and not able to hold anything after that. 

I remembered that there was once i dropped this pen on a wooden table, and all the customers in the cafe turned their head to look at me. ** that impressive **

As it is made of brass, and it can be use as a weapon - just by hitting someone's head with this pen is enough to cause damage. ** I am not joking - it was painful when I hit my hand with this pen **

The pen work in a bolt action, and it just fun just playing with the bolt. 
No clicking sound, just some twisting using the thumb. 

This pen doesn't come with a refill, so I have to use the ink refill from an old Parker pen. 
And recently, I got hold of some Schmidt easy FLOW 9000 M refill from a friend from the United States. 

I decided to write a short article on my Midori passport size Traveler's notebook with this pen -
it is a small portion of an article I extracted from Vulcanpost (Billionaire Jack Ma teaches you how to be successful in life and business).


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