The Metal Stencil

RED ALERT for the Stencil Lovers out there !!! 

This Metal Stencil has 60 different icons, a perfect tools for journaling and drawing in your planner. 

It measures 125mm by 75mm, with thickness of only 0.5mm, and weighs only 20 grams. Therefore, you can easily keep it inside your Hobonichi or even a Field Notes notebook. 

I have one in my Regular size Traveler's Notebook, which I used it for my Travel Journal.

I have one inside my A6 notebook, which allows me to draw icons like Digital Numbers, Check Boxes and other icons for my day-to-day planning. 

If you are using a Field Notes, it certainly fit into your cover as it is slightly smaller than a FN notebook. 

Youtube sharing by Marsia Bramucci

The Metal Stencil (with International Postage) is priced at USD$14.50.
Get yours today !! 

You can now use the Paypal Buy Now button for immediate purcahse.

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