30 July 2018

Journaling Festival, sharing session by Patrick.

It was a great session where Patrick shared about his journey with Traveler's Notebook and some of his customisation he made with his TNs, pens, etc.
It was also an opportunity for me to meet some of the TNSG members, and caught up with the familiar faces.

Here are some of the photos taken during the session.

24 July 2018


Blame it on the simplicity of the light brown cover and the words "FIELD NOTES", I can't stop using Field Notes Original Kraft. 

I have been using the Field Notes Original Kraft Graph paper one notebook after another. Some might say that the paper quality sucks, and it doesn't take fountain pen well; but that's not true for my case. I have been using my Traveler's Company brass fountain pen with this notebook, and it doesn't bother me. 

Another factor is that the cover can withstand the rough handling of the daily usage. It sustained only a little "damage" after months of using it, and it still looks charming! 

Who else are with me?