16 April 2018

Field Notes Utility Ledger, my expenses log.

Ever since Field Notes Utility edition was launched in Spring 2017, it puzzled me on how I can use it as my expenses log.

The fields I required in my expenses log are:
- Date;
- Item;
- Amount; &
- Balance.

But no matter how I look at it, the given space isn't enough for me to fill in my required fields.

After wasting 2 pages, I finally figured out how I can best use this Ledger!

And as usual, I will decorate my notebook with the new rubber stamp, and indicate the date I started using this notebook.

For enable me to fill in the required fields, I just have to draw a line, and it's solved.

So this is how I use my ledger.
I have small area to pen the Date, and just enough space to pen the Item and the Amount, and lastly, the Balance.

As the space for writing is limited, I can only use my Midori brass pen, which has a very fine nib.
And this ledger notebook is neatly set inside my Black Traveler's Notebook.

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