A6 Card Holder

If you are A6 notebook user, this is for you.

This A6 Card holder comes with 6 card slots and 2 side pockets.
It comes with a snap button which can help to secure your cards without fearing that they will drop out.

Here's are some of the photos from Eileen Kim:

Photo credit: Eileen Kim.

Photo credit: Eileen Kim.

Photo credit: Eileen Kim.

Here are some photos from Susanne Sabol Smith:

As we see, she has her Apple & iTune gift card, Post-It labels, stickers, and Starbucks card in her A6 card holder. Amazing set up! 

Here are some photos from Francy Berardi:
Francy uses her A6 card holder for loose papers and to hold her tea bags. 
On the second photo, we can see that she uses the side pocket of her A6 card holder to hold her Metal Stencil

Photo credit: Francy Berardi.
Photo credit: Francy Berardi.

If you want to share your lovely photos of your card holder, or to know more about this amazing card holder, just drop us an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com.

The price is USD$10.00, and only USD$2.00 for international postage.
So, get yours today!

To purchase the A6 Card Holder now, you can click on the Paypal button for your purchase:


  1. Do u make these for the standard size travellers notebook

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Sorry to have missed out this message. I didnt get the message in my inbox.
      I am so sorry, but this card holder only comes in A6 size.