20 July 2014

My 2nd Hero Fountain Pen - Hero 372 (Part 1)

Recently, a friend shared with me that one of the biggest retailers in Singapore is selling Hero fountain pens, and she got some at a really good price. 

As a lover for cheap fountain pens, I decided to explore the place. 
And to my surprise, they offer quite a handful of Hero fountain pens, and the prices are reasonable. 
I left the shop with 8 pens, of which, 7 were sent to Unit Kingdom, and one for myself. 

The pen does not come with any beautiful packaging or box - just a pen inside a plastic cover, sealed with a Hero company sticker (it doesn't bother me at all). 

Pen: Hero 372 Fountain pen 

Here's what I feel about the pen:
- The weight is well balanced. 
- The extra fine nib writes smoothly.
- It comes with a convertor, but I am not too comfortable using the convertor; I used a Kaweco ink cartridges instead. 
- Aesthetically, it doesn't portrait  itself as a cheap pen. 

18 July 2014

Card Holder sleeve on MTN passport size

It has been busy at work, and this post has been delayed for a while. 

Jac Drow, a fellow MTN user, bought the card holder sleeve, and put it into her passport size Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN).

And this is what she shared:

"Finally, my set up with the card holder sleeve I got from Justin. I use it in combo with my mini coupon folio. It fits in my Midori Passport which has become my EDC portable brain. On the day i go shopping/Run errands I put a envelope corresponding to the shop or location I will be stopping at that day. The envelope contains a list, cash and/or gift card that I intend to use at that location. I have found  this keeps me on track, cuts down on my impulse buys and gets me in and out much faster. My Errand day just got shorter and more manageable. Thank you Justin!"

Photos courtesy of Jac Drow

10 July 2014

KeySmart, my new key organizer.

Recently, I got a KeySmart, the ultimate pocket keys organizer.
And here, I am going to share how KeySmart has changes the way I carry my keys.


I purchased this item on my own account, and I wrote this review based on my experience with the item.

1st attempt / 1st time trying with KeySmart:

The card holder sleeve.

For the past months, I had been sending card holder sleeves to different part of the World.
And it got many people curious about the card holders that I've been sending.

So here's a little introduction about the Card Holder Sleeve.

There are 5 slots on each size.
Personally, I put 2 business cards into each of those slots (as seen on the left),
and the necessary cards on the right.

8 July 2014

5 July 2014

KidDoi, by CraftyDoodles.

In May 2014, I saw an interesting fauxdori that caught my attention - the KidDori.
KidDori is a project between Vijay (of CraftyDoodles) and Aly Common (of Crafting to Stay Sane)
At the same time, I was also looking for a birthday present for a client. 

So, I decided to dropped Vijay Mistry a message and see if he can rushed me a KidDori.

A parcel that took a long way.

Photo courtesy of Vijay Mistry.  

Few months back, I sent out 2 card holder sleeves to United Kingdom, and only a week later, I discovered that the Post Office staff had sent the items by sea freight. 

Yesterday, the parcel arrived safely at Vijay Mistry's hand.

In the picture:
On the left, shows the 2 card holder sleeves; 1 in white, the other in blue. 
Each card holder sleeve can hold up to 10 cards. 

1 July 2014

A new leather cover for my EDC notebooks.

Starting 1 July 2014, I will be using a new leather cover for my Every Day Carry (EDC) notebook and planner. 

Leather cover: Made by Monique Vanmeulebrouk, from The Netherlands (Here's the shop link)

Details of the contents will be shared in the next blog post.