3 July 2014

What's inside the leather cover for my EDC notebook?

Here are the items inside the leather cover for my EDC notebooks:

This is my daily planner for recording of schedules, appointments and important dates. 

Shelterwood notebook, from Field Notes.
Blank and Write logo was stamped onto the cover with an self-inking stamp.
I am using this notebook for my To-Do-List (TDL), and for random notes-taking. 

A small pocket at the back of the cover for storing of loose receipts. 

The daily carry pen will be the Zebra F-701.

Additional information

That coffee in the picture was a 5oz white, from Nylon Coffee Roaster at Block 4 Everton Park.

To get your Field Notes Shelterwood in Singapore, you can visit Blank and Write - The Shop for more information.

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