30 August 2018

A new found addiction..

In my last post, I told about Pilot Dr. Grip, and how comfort it is for pro-long writing.

After using some fountain pens during my first week of school (oh yes, I returned back to school after so many years), i realised that I needed the ink of my pen(s) to dry fast; perhaps a normal ballpoint pen is good.

I went back home to dig out my Pilot Dr. Grip and used it to pen some notes....
"OK, THIS IS THE ONE!!" Dr. Grip will be the pen I'll use in school!
And what's next, I increased the population of my Dr. Grip....

First, I got the Pure White.

13 August 2018

A pen for the big hand, Pilot Dr. Grip.

I was recently asked to recommend a pen for user with big hand.

I know that there are many pens out there which are suitable, but the one that came into my mind is the Pilot Dr. Grip.

I have been using this pen on-&-off for the past 2 years, but I personally find this pen very comfortable to write with, especially with prolong writing.

10 August 2018

My Bullet Journal journey (Part One)

I have heard so much about Bullet Journaling (BUJI for short) in the recent months, and it now got me curious.
Don't get me wrong, I read about Bullet Journal years ago, I tried it, but it didn't work out for me.
But I do pick up some pointers that helped me with my current system (planning and tasking).

If you have not heard about BUJO, or you will like to revisit it (just like me), here's a video for you