10 August 2018

My Bullet Journal journey (Part One)

I have heard so much about Bullet Journaling (BUJI for short) in the recent months, and it now got me curious.
Don't get me wrong, I read about Bullet Journal years ago, I tried it, but it didn't work out for me.
But I do pick up some pointers that helped me with my current system (planning and tasking).

If you have not heard about BUJO, or you will like to revisit it (just like me), here's a video for you

In order for me to get some ideas on how to Bullet Journal, I visited the Instagram #bulletjournal, and it wrecked my brain! I actually took a step back, and reconsidered if I should jump into it. I can't see myself being so creative to decorate and brighten up my page - that is too tough for me.

I prefer something, SIMPLE - straightforward and functional.
I started to search around the internet, and even asked around for advises, and finally, someone guided me to #minimalistbulletjournal, and it opens up my eyes - this is what I needed.

To start the Bullet Journal Journey, I needed a notebook.
Bullet Journal Notebook is a good start, but it is too big, and cant fit into my Traveler's Notebook (TN).
I needed something thinner, which is stapled bind (or saddle stitched), which I can slot into my TN.
I decided to get the Muji B6 Recycled paper notebook as it is thin, and affordable (SGD$1.30); if the system don't work out for me, I can just tear away the pages, and use the notebook for other purposes. All I need to do is to cut down the width of the notebook to 11cm (a pen knife and a metal ruler will do the job).

As instructed, I have the index page, a legend page and also page number at the bottom of every page. With the different variations on how to create a weekly spread, I choose the rectangle format - one day per rectangle box. I will also try out different formats to find a suitable one that works for me.

I am only a few days into this Bullet Journal journey, and I do find some challenges.
For example, I am so used to writing my schedules into my planner, and my tasks into a separate notebook, and now, I have to put everything into one book (the change of habit). Another challenge that I faced limit myself to just ONE pen so that the page looks more organised in terms of ink colour and nib size (problem of being OCD).

In fact on the 2nd day of the journey, I did some reviews, and this is what I listed to remind myself:
1. Keep all items within the box.
2. Keep the icons simple.
3. Start the tasks from the bottom of the box, & move then move upwards.
4. Keep to 5 tasks per day.
5. Start schedule from the top of the box.
6. Timing for the schedule / event don't have to be sequential.
7. No date is required for NOTES.

So far for now, and I will revisit my BUJO system in a few weeks time to see how it work out.

Side note:
If you want to learn more about Bullet Journaling, you might want to get this book, The Bullet Journal Method, by Ryder Carroll (founder of Bullet Journal).

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