29 November 2018

Setting up my monthly planner for 2019.

2018 is coming to an end and it's time to prepare the planner for 2019. 

I bought the Traveler's Company refill 017 Free Diary <monthly> as part of my planners for 2019. 

Usually I'll get the dated planner, but this time, I wanted to try something different. 

I used Yosogo size 1 rubber stamp for Dec 2018, but realized that the numbers are a little big. 

And for the month of Jan to Mar 2019, I used a smaller stamps that I got from taobao. 

The size is smaller and the numbers fit neatly into the given space. 

Although the ink is a little too wet and it sip through the page, but I personally think it's beautiful. 

Are your planners ready? 

5 November 2018

It must have been a long while since I did a post...

Hi readers,

I hope all of you are well.... I am well too, just that I have been quite busy lately..
Like I have always like to tell my friends, busy is good....

Ever since the setting up my Carousell account, we have a constant flows of orders for Field Notes. So far, the sales for Field Notes Pitch Black Dot Graph has been picking up.
That little black book is the best place to keep your darkest secret!!

Another thing that is keeping me busy is with the toggling of my study-system..
I have been trying out different systems of keeping my lecture and handwritten notes, and have been switching between my MacBook, my printed notes, and my iPad.
I am still in the discovering stage, and maybe when things are more grounded, I can share with you my system.

Beside my updates, I will also like to share about a "toy", or "tool" I discovered lately.
They called it, The Wright Pen.