24 January 2016

Advance Zipper pouch.

Recently, I brought in some new suppliers for my Blank and Write shop, and one of the items is the Advance zipper pouch.

Traveler's Notebook Blue Edition

# Travelerscompany #blue edition

The time has come when I needed another Traveler's Notebook!!!

While journaling in my Brain Pocket Traveler's Notebook, I realised that it's too thick it is difficult to write in. So I broke away my Personal Journal insert and transfer to the new Blue Edition.

19 January 2016

13 January 2016

My Brain Pocket Traveler's Notebook

Today, let me share about the Traveler's Notebook that I write on daily - my Brain Pocket.

A quick recap of this beautiful TN. 
I got this piece of jewel back in Year 2010, from a Japanese leather crafter, thru Flickr.
She had some beautiful leather products, and her leather notebook covers caught my attention.
Each leather notebook cover was customised - From the leather, to the colour of the elastic cord, to the book marks, to the button of the button closure and to the charm on the bookmark string. 
She wasn't good with her English language, but we managed to work things out. 

8 January 2016

Drawstring bag from Lowland Originals.

As I mentioned in the previous post that I need a protection for my Traveler's Notebook, and at the same time, I happened to chance upon some lovely handmade drawstring bags on a Facebook group. I decided to give in to my temptation, and to get myself 2 drawstring bags, not knowing what to expect.

I contacted Reene Luitjes from Lowland Originals, and asked if she has anything suitable for guys. She replied to my message real quick, and within a few days, she showed me these pictures:

7 January 2016

I need protection for my Traveler's Notebook.

For years of using Traveler's Notebook, I hardly have any frustration(s) until recently.
The frustration(s) are pretty minor things, but it's never a good thing to let frustrations spoil your loves.

This little thing, also known as the tin clasp, and it's task is to hold the elastic bands together.
It's an unique icon for Midori Traveler's Notebook. 

3 January 2016

Fixing my Midori Star Ferry Edition Brass pen

If you own a Midori brass pen, you definitely love how functional this little pen is:
- it's small to carry around;
- the refill has an extra fine nib, suitable for those who has small hand writing;
- the refill is cheap;
- and most importantly, it's beautiful. 

But, after using for a (long) period of time, you might faced a challenge that the nib got "sucked" into the body. And that's because the stopper at the back of the body lost its grip. 

If you are facing a similar experience, you are not alone.