8 January 2016

Drawstring bag from Lowland Originals.

As I mentioned in the previous post that I need a protection for my Traveler's Notebook, and at the same time, I happened to chance upon some lovely handmade drawstring bags on a Facebook group. I decided to give in to my temptation, and to get myself 2 drawstring bags, not knowing what to expect.

I contacted Reene Luitjes from Lowland Originals, and asked if she has anything suitable for guys. She replied to my message real quick, and within a few days, she showed me these pictures:

I wanted something simple, yet unique, and Renee gave me what I wanted.
I placed my orders and paid her immediately via Paypal.

Within 2 weeks, I got a "Handmade with Love" parcel from The Netherlands. 

When I opened the packaging and saw the drawstring bags, I know they are just what I needed.  

Usually, I wouldn't be able to find any label inside a drawstring bag, but this is different. 
Seeing the label inside the bag immediately tells me that Renee is serious about her work.

All the drawstring bags that I have are usually made with one piece of cloth. 
Lowland Originals' drawstring bag uses 2 different pieces of cloths! 
This gives a better protection for the contents inside the bag! (For my case, it will be for the notebooks.)
Each drawstring bag is uniquely made - beautiful internal and external fabric combination.  

And when I folded the bag and checked on the inside, I couldn't find any loose threads!
NO LOOSE THREADS means that this bag is going to last!!!! 

Drawstring bag is a need for Travelers who use Traveler's Notebook! 

I have some traveling plans for this year, and definitely, I will be bringing along my Traveler's Notebooks to journal my journey.

Rather than just stuffing my them inside my bag, I would prefer to have a carrier / bag so as to protect my TNs. Not only that, the carrier / bag must have sufficient space to hold my extra inserts (another term for notebooks).

Now, I got what I needed. 
These bags are big enough for me to hold a couple of inserts. 
It can even hold my scissors, pen knife, glue and MT tapes - I can (pit)stop over any place to journal rather do it when I returned to the hotel room.

With this attractive cloth design, it makes my TNs easier to spot while inside my big bag.
Just in case you are attracted by these beautiful drawstring bags, and decided to get yourself some,
I have added Renee's business card for your easy reference.

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