7 January 2016

I need protection for my Traveler's Notebook.

For years of using Traveler's Notebook, I hardly have any frustration(s) until recently.
The frustration(s) are pretty minor things, but it's never a good thing to let frustrations spoil your loves.

This little thing, also known as the tin clasp, and it's task is to hold the elastic bands together.
It's an unique icon for Midori Traveler's Notebook. 

Frustration 1:
Due to space constraint on my study table, I can only place my traveler's notebooks on my study table, next to the wall. My wall got scratched by the tin clasp a couple of times, and I have to wipe off the black marks. It isn't tough, but just a waste of time to constantly do it. 

So, I kept my MTN inside this plain and simple cloth bag, also known as Muslim bag.
This is not the cloth bag inside the Midori Traveler's Notebook packaging.

After few days of using it, Frustration 2 surfaced!!! 

Loose threads! 
Loose threads start to litter my study table on a daily basis. 
It got worst day-by-day. 
Enough is Enough. I need to do something about it. 

At the same time, images of such kept showing up in front of me.
These bags are beautiful, but the question is "Are they suitable for me?"

I got tempted for a few weeks, and I finally gave in to my temptation. 

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