19 October 2014

Writing in my passport.

Will be heading off for a holiday with my mum in a few days time, and I'm busy writing the trip details into my "passport". 

My mum came into the room and asked "why are you writing the information inside your passport? Are you feeling ok?" Me and my sister were laughing away.


16 October 2014

Brain Pocket - Regular Size Traveler's Notebook

My people has been asking me this question:
"What's inside your Regular size Traveler's Notebooks?" 

So, I decided to do a post about my Tan / Cream color Regular size Traveler's Notebook, the Brain Pocket.

Brain Pocket was customized by a lady crafter from Japan.
I had this Traveler's Notebook since 2010 (shortly after I purchased my Midori Regular Size TN). 
I was attracted by the color of the leather, and the opportunity to choose the button I wanted to be on the leather. 
I have been safe keeping it and only decided to use in this year (2014).

15 October 2014

Lamy Safari fountain pen - Neon Coral and Pink.

My Lamy Color Safari collection started with the Neow Yellow (2013 edition), and then, I gave in to the Apple Green (2012 edition), knowing that this Apple Green will be gone from the shelf soon.

The addiction got worst - I went searching for the 2011 edition - Aquamarine - eventually, a friend from Hong Kong got it for me as a gift (thank you Patrick, can't Thank you enough for helping me to get that pen).

Now, I am back to collect the colors again - The Neon Coral and Pink. 
And will be looking forward for the next color edition. 

Some interesting information about Lamy Safari fountain pens can be found here. Enjoy.

10 October 2014

My Creme Brûlée 2015 Planner.

Year 2015 is not far away (81 days left as of 13 Oct 2014) and my planner shopping came early this year. 

I was planning to get Midori passport size 2015 planner, both the weekly and monthly, but the price has always been a concern. 

Midori Traveler's Notebook 2015 Diary
2015 Monthly (Passport Size)

2015 Weekly (Passport size)
Recently, I have gotten a A6 size Fauxdori (Creme Brulee) from Chic Sparrow , and I have plans to make it into my 2015 planner system.