19 October 2014

Writing in my passport.

Will be heading off for a holiday with my mum in a few days time, and I'm busy writing the trip details into my "passport". 

My mum came into the room and asked "why are you writing the information inside your passport? Are you feeling ok?" Me and my sister were laughing away.


This cover indeed gave my mum an wrong impression! 
Yes it is, a passport notebook to be exact. 

I got this passport cover from a accessories store, and I inserted a Muji passport size notebook into it.

I have decided to use this notebook as my trip planner - I can put it inside my pocket and pull it out easily as and when I need it. 

Not sure of the paper quality, I decided to test it with my Lamy Safari (Charcoal).
To my surprise, it's smooth and the Pilot Iroshizuku ink doesn't bleed through. 

Looks like it's a good start. 
Let's see how good this book with turn out during the trip and after the trip.  

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  1. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing! I am still learning about doing blogs so I'm stalking everyone else's to get an idea! ��