16 October 2014

Brain Pocket - Regular Size Traveler's Notebook

My people has been asking me this question:
"What's inside your Regular size Traveler's Notebooks?" 

So, I decided to do a post about my Tan / Cream color Regular size Traveler's Notebook, the Brain Pocket.

Brain Pocket was customized by a lady crafter from Japan.
I had this Traveler's Notebook since 2010 (shortly after I purchased my Midori Regular Size TN). 
I was attracted by the color of the leather, and the opportunity to choose the button I wanted to be on the leather. 
I have been safe keeping it and only decided to use in this year (2014).

I purchased the corner pocket from the bookstore, so that I can keep the loose paper.
It works out well, and it soon filled up with a lot junk paper.

This set up starts with a Midori Zipper Pocket (Refill 008).
Obviously, the front portion allows me to hold bigger piece of junk paper. 

I added a 6-pockets kraft paper folder crafted by my cousin, Karen (thank you Karen for making this for me). 
This is where I slot all my receipts. I have tons of them in there now. 

I have 2 Grid Notebooks (refill 002) inside this Traveler's Notebook. 
One for daily recording - expenses, ideas, information, etc.
The other is for personal journaling (my writetherapy). 

The back of the kraft paper folder. 

Another accessory I have is the Midori Card File (refill 007).
This is where I keep my business card and also business cards of others.  

Currently, I am keeping some cash notes inside this Zipper Pocket. 

I have attached a pen holder that similar to Midori Pen Holder (refill 016).
And I carry 2 pens in this Traveler's Notebook - Hero Fountain 372, and Lamy Logo ball point pen.


  1. Nice, See are you selling insert folders?

  2. Hi Yochanan, no, I'm not. Those folders are made by my cousin.