27 December 2014

Hero 616 Fountain Pen (Part II)

Let's take a look at the Hero 616 fountain pen:

Hero 616 Fountain Pens (Part I)

Buying affordable (China) fountain pens has hit me like a wave!
For the past weeks, I have been searching for affordable fountain pen to try;
and I was recommended to get the Hero 616 fountain pen, which is similar to Parker 51 fountain pen. 

18 December 2014

Leather cover for the Standard Memorandum

Recently, Craft Master of Second Kings, Mr Josef Chow, surprised me with a customized leather cover for the Standard Memorandum 2015.

On the first look, it looks like an ordinary leather cover.

9 December 2014

My inked fountain pens.

I used fountain pen for a short period of time, and I stopped, to try out Machined pens. 
I was stuck at Machine pens for quite a long while, until the recent purchase of 2 Lamy Safaris, which kicked off the Fountain Pen fever again.