18 December 2014

Leather cover for the Standard Memorandum

Recently, Craft Master of Second Kings, Mr Josef Chow, surprised me with a customized leather cover for the Standard Memorandum 2015.

On the first look, it looks like an ordinary leather cover.
But with a closer look, I'm truly amazed by the craftsmanship of Josef.

No prior discussion was made with Josef about how the leather cover for this planner should be.
He took a sample of the SM, and created something that I have not seen in the market. 
Rather than creating something similar to what Word. Notebooks is offering, Josef enhanced the design with a button closure (which I thought it's a brilliant idea). 

The button closure ensures that the Standard Memorandum is well protected, and prevent any loose paper in the pockets from falling out. 

With some add-ons, I can simply turn this into a wallet. 

If you are interested to customize some leather products, feel free to drop Josef an email, and make arrangement to discuss your idea(s) with him.

Or, you can visit his little humble shop / craft studio at:
Blk 5 Everton Park #01-22, Singapore 080005. 

Like I always share with my friends : 
Support the Local Crafters, 
but don't take advantage of their ideas / hard work / their passion to create. 

Side notes:
Importing leather into Singapore is not cheap, and that is why most of the leather shops have high charges for customized products. 
All customized item are hand-made (not machine); it requires the crafter's time and effort to materialize the product. 
If you really (I mean... REALLY) want to own a (real) leather product, please be prepared to pay a slightly higher price (generally, it is not cheap to customize any leather product in Singapore). 


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