28 September 2014

5 Steps to enjoy traveler's notebook

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So now, you have a Traveler's Notebook, how are you going to enjoy it? 

Tabiyo Shop as the perfect solution!

Step 1: Purchase a Starter Kit - Regular / Passport Size.

Step 2: Purchase 004 Pocket Stickers.

Step 3: Purchase 008 Zipper Pocket.

Step 4: Hand pick the second refill that suit your lifestyle.

Step 5: Purchase 016 Pen Holder to make your first TN perfect.

My Collections of Traveler's Notebook.

Not sure if you know, but I started my first Midori Traveler's Notebook back in Year 2008. 
Back then, traveler's notebook like this (leather cover with interchangeable notebooks) was not as popular today. 

As I remembered, there aren't many people using Midori Traveler's Notebook back then.
Searching for inspiration on how to enhance my Traveler's notebook can only be done on Flickr.

In the recent years, I have more exposure to other traveler's notebook through the Facebook / Instagram. From there, I realized that I can get a customized Traveler's notebook in other colors
I can also get a leather cover that holds different types of inserts, particularly, Field Notes size.

My collections for FN size (3.5" x 5.5') fauxdori expanded with the opening of Blank and Write Shop

Let's see, what I have in my collections:

26 September 2014

My write, MTN limited edition Brass Pen.

Thank you Milly from Taiwan to secure this limited edition Midori Traveler's Notebook for me. 

23 September 2014

KickStarter - TAKUMI Pen: A Minimal & Versatile Stationery

One pen that is comparable with more than 50 different ink refills.
If you are sick of your pen(s) that cant use different refills, here will be your solution.

My write, Midori Brass Pen / Bullet Pen

For the fans of Midori Traveler's Notebook, you will not miss out the brass products that Midori offers, especially the Brass ball point pen. 

There are 3 colors available - Solid brass, White, and Brown.

Myself, I am carrying a Midori Solid Brass pen.

21 September 2014

My write, Karas Kustoms Brass Bolt.

Today, let me write about the heaviest pen in my collection - The Brass Bolt, weighing 79.38 grams.

Before I commit to this pen, I had heard many good reviews about it.
It was fully sold out on Karas Kustoms website.
I was very curious about this pen. 

And decided to get one myself (from another website) to explore the goodness in this pen.

20 September 2014

The Aluminum and The Brass.

I like how they look when they stand side-by-side inside my bag. 

Both are machined pens from Karas Kustoms, namely, The Aluminium Retrakt, and The Brass Bolt

More details coming up in the next post. 

4 September 2014

Kutsuwa Stad Pencil Holder

A quick post for this pencil holder which I bought recently - Kutsuwa Stad One-Push Pencil Holder

Whenever we can't use the pencil because it is too short for our hand, we will usually discard it; 
I am guilty of that too. Guilty because I know that the pencil can still serve for a little longer. 

Fortunately, with the creation of this pencil holder, it gives this short pencil a life. 

2 September 2014

A love for Brass pen - another one into collection.

I have been a lover for brass pens (my very first was a Midori Traveler's Notebook Brass pen), 
and I usually lost my temptation to beautiful brass pens. 

Few month back, Anachronistinc (now known as Yellow Birch Outfitter) introduced his first brass pen, and it immediately caught my attention.

It is an art piece.. and certainly it is. 

This is a customized brass pen with an 'A' on top of the pen, and together, it comes with a leather cover.

The brass pen:
It is a bolt action brass pen, which holds any Pilot G2 refill (or something similar). 
All brass pens are heavy - of course they are - but this piece is lighter than my Karas Kustoms Brass Bolt
But still, my hand gets a little tire after writing a page on my Muji notebook. 

The leather pen holder:
Its a beautiful piece of leather pen holder, and it holds the brass pen nicely. 
This pen holder can be attached to the regular size MTN by looping the elastic cord into the holes on the leather.
Alternatively, I can attached strings to it and wear it around my neck - as a landyard pen holder.
By looking at the craftsmanship, I can tell that Jay (the man behind Anachronistinc) pays alot of attention to details, and he ensure that each piece of work is beautifully done.