4 September 2014

Kutsuwa Stad Pencil Holder

A quick post for this pencil holder which I bought recently - Kutsuwa Stad One-Push Pencil Holder

Whenever we can't use the pencil because it is too short for our hand, we will usually discard it; 
I am guilty of that too. Guilty because I know that the pencil can still serve for a little longer. 

Fortunately, with the creation of this pencil holder, it gives this short pencil a life. 

After using it for a week or 2, I have not much comments about this "gadget".
It is light, and offers a comfortable grip while writing.

To sharpen the pencil, I just have to remove it from the holder, and place it back after the pencil is sharpened. 

This pencil holder comes with an eraser on top of the holder, which is covered by a cap.
It seems like the eraser can be replaced easily. 

If you intend to slot in a longer pencil into this pencil holder, you can removed the eraser to make room for the pencil. 

There are 4 colors available, and I am using the Blue holder. 

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