10 September 2014

My Passport size Midori Traveler's Notebook.

I was using this for the past few months, and decided to move back to Midori Traveler's Notebook few days ago. 

My system is still very much the same:
1. Standard Memorandum, Daily Record Book - where I record my daily work schedule, and my appointments;

2. Midori Monthly Planner. - where I can see the whole month at a glance;

3. Midori Passport size 002 Refill (Grid paper) - where I pen down my To-Do-List. I still prefer gird paper compare to blank and line. 

I attached a Midori Brass pen at the top, using a Midori pen holder. I had that pen holder for years and the leather got softer. It makes the even more difficult to take out and put in the brass pen. 

This set up might last only a few months as I m expecting a new cover from the United States. 

From now thill then, I'll continue to abide this Midori leather cover. 

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