22 February 2015

19 February 2015

Happy Goat Year !

Happy Lunar New Year to our readers and fans.
Hope this Goat Year will be a blessing one for all of us, and for Blank and Write.

Let us look forward for a good year ahead - with more notebooks and more stationeries. 

4 February 2015

Maximizing my Muji A6 notebook

In the past, the frequency of changing my EDC (Every Day Carry) notebook is about once every month or every 1.5 month.

It will be about 12 notebooks for a year. It will cost me about USD40 (SGD$50.00) a year if I use Field Notes Original 3-pack.

For 2015, I am saving up for some big project coming my way;
I decided to cut down on spending $$$ on notebooks (and fountain pens).
1 method is to maximise the use of my notebook - to use all the available spaces if possible.

The Blank and Write fountain pen.

My old Sailor Candy fountain pen looks like this: