22 February 2015

My PP MTN, My new Every Day Carry

After using the Muji A6 notebooks, it has finally come to and end - retirement. I am now moving on to my passport size notebooks.

As I was previously crazy about Muji passport size notebooks, I've bought 10 to 15 of those notebooks - I had gave some away, and the rest have been kept inside my storage box ever since. 

I bought a few Campus passport size notebooks after discovering that they are about the same size as a passport size notebook. But I have not use them as well.  

There are too many Passport size notebooks in my storage!!
My objective for now is to fully use my passport size notebooks as my Every Day Carry notebook.

So this is my current set up:

My EDC notebook is a Midori Passport size Traveler's Notebook, which comprises of a Midori passport size zipper pocket (refill 004 passport Zipper), Standard Memorandum 2015 & a passport size notebook (unknown brand). 

I have a Bullet Pencil on top, an eraser by the side and a Zebra F-701 ballpoint pen inside the MTN. 

I am using pencil to write in the Standard Memorandum because of my ever-changing schedule.
This explains why I have an eraser in the set up.

The Zebra F-701 slim enough to slot inside the gap, and it is one of the best ballpoint pen around.

Honestly, I am still not very comfortable with this set up as the eraser is obstructing me when I write.
I am still trying to figure out how best can I make this type of set up work for me.
Once I've figure out something better, I will share with you again. 

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