11 July 2020

It’s time to make some changes.

Sitting at Starbucks, reflecting about the things that happened recently, I come to realise that I have neglected Blank and Write.

Why did I start Blank and Write? What have I done good? What was bad? What went wrong?

I have been running Blank and Write as a business; but it wasn’t a business to begin with after all. 
I founded Blank and Write as a way for me to share the joy of using notebooks (Blank) and Pen/pencil (Writes).
However, by running it like a business, it has slowly eaten away my passionate: the passionate for stationeries; the passionate for notebooks; and the passionate to share.
Even though i continued to serve the friends and clients of Blank and Write, but part of me is lost. 

I have no idea what I should do, but I know I need to start everything afresh. 

A friend was designing her a logo for her new startup, and it actually inspired me to redesign the logo for Blank and Write.
While I was toying with some free logo design websites, I came across a design that caught my attention. It was simple, neat and exactly the way I want it to be: Clear. 
I toyed around with that idea and finally came out with the new logo:

The white background represents a new page, starting afresh. 
“Blank & Write” represent the writes on the new page. 
“Have Fun Writing” is the signature I am using in every personalised greeting cards I wrote. 
The word “and” has been replaced with “&”, and this is to keep things neat and simple.
And lastly, instead of using the logo to represent me, this time, I am saying it out loud and boldly. 

Let’s start with this little change. 

6 June 2020

We are slowly coming back.

Blank and Write has been very quiet for the past two years because I had embarked on an educational journey. Studying has taken a significant bout of my time. 

While I had just completed my second year in the university program, but my third year will begin in the next few months, which means that I will be busy again.

Although quiet, but I have not stopped serving the friends of Blank and Write.

I have taken the selling onto a different platform with the encouragement from our friends. 
We are now on Carousell, which focus on selling Field Notes and Blackwing products. 
Although we are lacking back on our Facebook and our Instagram but we will work hard to get our social media accounts updated.

We have also updated the Field Notes Price List which reflects the available stocks. 

We are slowly coming back. 
Meanwhile, Have Fun Writing!

27 November 2019

Traveler’s Notebook Brass Clip.

I was not a big fan of the brass clip when it first launched even though I bought 2 of them. But even since I got one during the brass clip painting workshop in Hong Kong, I couldn’t stop using it. 

I don’t just use it for my Traveler’s Notebook, but also use it for my loose leaf paper during notes taking. The clip is also very useful as a paper weigh. 

19 September 2019

I will be adding Blackwing Pencil into our listing.

I have been using Blackwing pencils for a couple of years, and I really l love it.

Firstly, the quality of the pencil. It comprises the best graphite and best wood in the world, which gives writing a nice experience. Beside the experience, one such pencil can last for a long time, which make it cost efficient.

Secondly, the pencil design is distinctively unique. At one look, users will know that it's a Blackwing pencil.

9 September 2019

Why do I write?

“Why do you write?” 

I got this question a lot when I showed my friends my notebook, my planner, or even my travel journals. 

“Why don’t you use a digital planner or technology instead?”

Certainly, technology is definitely useful and it helps a great deal in many aspect of my life, but I must admit that I’m still very much an old-school type of person. 

I started journaling at the age of 15 or 16.
Life is full of ups and downs, and I had no one to turn to. I started to pour my problems into my notebook, and I realised that journaling actually allowed me to come out with my own solutions, and it helped me to overcome many of the problems. From then on, notebook became my Best Friend. 

Journaling has now become a daily affair, if possible. 
As much as I can, I will try to set aside time daily to pen down my thoughts in my binder notebook, which I term it as Self Reflection. 
This is an important aspect of a busy life because it allows me to (1) pour out my emotion, (2) reflects on my behaviours, (3) solve my problems, and most importantly, it allows me to play with my pen(s). 

So, why do I write, I Guess because I feel like I am talking to my Best Friend, at the enjoyment is a time well spent.  

8 September 2019

Field Notes WILCO edition (Box set of 6 memo books)

This is the latest box set of Field Notes, and it is also an limited edition. 

It was a collaboration between Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival in Massachusetts in June 2019.

The box set contains six memo books reflecting the craft and talents of artists and the passions and personalities of the musicians. 

There are only 2 sets available, and if you are keen to get a set, just drop us an email to order. 
Box look

6 September 2019

Field Notes List has been updated.

To all my fans and friends, allow me to apologize for being inactive on this platform (Blogger).

I have been busy with studies, work, and some voluntary commitments for the past months; not forgetting that I am building up my health due to some health issue that happened in Dec 2018.

I have no give up using notebooks and I have now moved to a bigger notebook: A5 20-holes binder.
On top of that, I am also using my Traveler's Notebook and Field Notes.
Some days, when I have a little more time, I will blog about my new set ups.

And I am still selling Field Notes in Singapore, and I have set up a Carousell  account (Blank and Write) so that it will be easier for the local fans to search and get their Field Notes from that platform.

I have also updated the Field Notes price list with the latest editions and an update on the prices for some of the items.

In the next few days, I will also update Blank and Write Facebook Page, as well as the Field Notes Singapore Group.

Till then, please take care.

Justin See

1 July 2019

Coming back....

I have been away for the past months, busy with my studies, and trying to figure out what should I do with Blank and Write. 

I want to do more than just a notebook seller; I want to help people to improve their life, with the use of notebook, paper and pen. 

How about, improving, the Quality of Life? 

2 January 2019

The beginning of 2019.

First thing first, let me wish my readers out there, a Happy New Year!

2018 had been an exciting year, and a couple of major things had happened, which led me thinking that life is short, and we must treasure every moment of it.