1 July 2019

Coming back....

I have been away for the past months, busy with my studies, and trying to figure out what should I do with Blank and Write. 

I want to do more than just a notebook seller; I want to help people to improve their life, with the use of notebook, paper and pen. 

How about, improving, the Quality of Life? 

2 January 2019

The beginning of 2019.

First thing first, let me wish my readers out there, a Happy New Year!

2018 had been an exciting year, and a couple of major things had happened, which led me thinking that life is short, and we must treasure every moment of it.

29 November 2018

Setting up my monthly planner for 2019.

2018 is coming to an end and it's time to prepare the planner for 2019. 

I bought the Traveler's Company refill 017 Free Diary <monthly> as part of my planners for 2019. 

Usually I'll get the dated planner, but this time, I wanted to try something different. 

I used Yosogo size 1 rubber stamp for Dec 2018, but realized that the numbers are a little big. 

And for the month of Jan to Mar 2019, I used a smaller stamps that I got from taobao. 

The size is smaller and the numbers fit neatly into the given space. 

Although the ink is a little too wet and it sip through the page, but I personally think it's beautiful. 

Are your planners ready? 

5 November 2018

It must have been a long while since I did a post...

Hi readers,

I hope all of you are well.... I am well too, just that I have been quite busy lately..
Like I have always like to tell my friends, busy is good....

Ever since the setting up my Carousell account, we have a constant flows of orders for Field Notes. So far, the sales for Field Notes Pitch Black Dot Graph has been picking up.
That little black book is the best place to keep your darkest secret!!

Another thing that is keeping me busy is with the toggling of my study-system..
I have been trying out different systems of keeping my lecture and handwritten notes, and have been switching between my MacBook, my printed notes, and my iPad.
I am still in the discovering stage, and maybe when things are more grounded, I can share with you my system.

Beside my updates, I will also like to share about a "toy", or "tool" I discovered lately.
They called it, The Wright Pen.

18 September 2018

Update of my BuJo

After using Bullet Journal (BuJo) for about one month, I'm actually enjoying the process.
Honestly speaking, I did not follow the how BuJo should be, but rather, I created my own way of recordings that suit my needs.

After getting used to BuJo, I find it uncomfortable to write with my Life Journal at the bottom. As my Life Journal got fatter by the days, it actually take up more space in my Blue Traveler's Notebook (TN). So i removed the Life Journal and shifted it to my brown TN; and now, there only one booklet inside my Blue TN.

6 September 2018

Uni Jetstream 101, a smooth ballpoint pen.

Hey, I am back again to talk about pen!!

Today, I want to share about this smooth writing ballpoint pen (pens actually, I got a pack of them) that I received during one of my farewell gatherings.

The pen which I am using my notes taking at home is the Uni Jetstream 101 (model number: SXN-101FL-07).

30 August 2018

A new found addiction..

In my last post, I told about Pilot Dr. Grip, and how comfort it is for pro-long writing.

After using some fountain pens during my first week of school (oh yes, I returned back to school after so many years), i realised that I needed the ink of my pen(s) to dry fast; perhaps a normal ballpoint pen is good.

I went back home to dig out my Pilot Dr. Grip and used it to pen some notes....
"OK, THIS IS THE ONE!!" Dr. Grip will be the pen I'll use in school!
And what's next, I increased the population of my Dr. Grip....

First, I got the Pure White.

13 August 2018

A pen for the big hand, Pilot Dr. Grip.

I was recently asked to recommend a pen for user with big hand.

I know that there are many pens out there which are suitable, but the one that came into my mind is the Pilot Dr. Grip.

I have been using this pen on-&-off for the past 2 years, but I personally find this pen very comfortable to write with, especially with prolong writing.

10 August 2018

My Bullet Journal journey (Part One)

I have heard so much about Bullet Journaling (BUJI for short) in the recent months, and it now got me curious.
Don't get me wrong, I read about Bullet Journal years ago, I tried it, but it didn't work out for me.
But I do pick up some pointers that helped me with my current system (planning and tasking).

If you have not heard about BUJO, or you will like to revisit it (just like me), here's a video for you