24 June 2017

Woody July 2017 - the monthly planner.

Looking at the pile of Field Notes notebooks and not knowing which one to use, I decided to open a new pack of Cherry Wood edition. 

Opening a new pack of Field Notes is always a joyful event. I can't help admiring every single notebook of this edition - the cover of individual notebook is different. 

July 2017 Planner is the 9th Field Notes for this year (2017). 

Instead of using the rubber stamp, I decided to use the normal (library) date stamp - it's a lot more easier. 
And I added the Day stamp for ease of reference. 

The paper quality of this edition is very much like those of the Kraft Original 3-Packs. There's a little ghost while I wrote with my fountain pen. 

I'm looking forward to use this beautiful notebook for a Woody July. 


28 May 2017

Field Notes Pitch Black - Memo Book and Note Book

Field Notes has recently upgraded their Pitch Black Memo Book. 
At the same time, they launched a new Pitch Black edition, which is bigger - measures 4¾" x 7½" - and more pages (64 pages) - the Pitch Black Note Book.

19 May 2017

My monthly planner for Jun 2017 - FN ATB

Time has come for me to prepare the planner for June, and that will be Field Notes America The Beautiful.

It's been six months since I started using a single notebook as my monthly planner, and I'm totally in love with it. 

As you have read the earlier posts, I use one page per day, for my schedules and my To-Do-List, and it does keep me organised - at least. The only failure I faced is Laziness, one disease that cannot be cured. 

30 April 2017

My Field Notes Utility Graph

Field Notes Utility is the latest Limited Edition for Spring 2017.
It comes in 2 editions: (1) Engineer Graph, and (2) Ledger.

Not sure how good is this edition, i decided to try out the Utility Graph first.