6 June 2020

We are slowly coming back.

Blank and Write has been very quiet for the past two years because I had embarked on an educational journey. Studying has taken a significant bout of my time. 

While I had just completed my second year in the university program, but my third year will begin in the next few months, which means that I will be busy again.

Although quiet, but I have not stopped serving the friends of Blank and Write.

I have taken the selling onto a different platform with the encouragement from our friends. 
We are now on Carousell, which focus on selling Field Notes and Blackwing products. 
Although we are lacking back on our Facebook and our Instagram but we will work hard to get our social media accounts updated.

We have also updated the Field Notes Price List which reflects the available stocks. 

We are slowly coming back. 
Meanwhile, Have Fun Writing!

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