11 July 2020

It’s time to make some changes.

Sitting at Starbucks, reflecting about the things that happened recently, I come to realise that I have neglected Blank and Write.

Why did I start Blank and Write? What have I done good? What was bad? What went wrong?

I have been running Blank and Write as a business; but it wasn’t a business to begin with after all. 
I founded Blank and Write as a way for me to share the joy of using notebooks (Blank) and Pen/pencil (Writes).
However, by running it like a business, it has slowly eaten away my passionate: the passionate for stationeries; the passionate for notebooks; and the passionate to share.
Even though i continued to serve the friends and clients of Blank and Write, but part of me is lost. 

I have no idea what I should do, but I know I need to start everything afresh. 

A friend was designing her a logo for her new startup, and it actually inspired me to redesign the logo for Blank and Write.
While I was toying with some free logo design websites, I came across a design that caught my attention. It was simple, neat and exactly the way I want it to be: Clear. 
I toyed around with that idea and finally came out with the new logo:

The white background represents a new page, starting afresh. 
“Blank & Write” represent the writes on the new page. 
“Have Fun Writing” is the signature I am using in every personalised greeting cards I wrote. 
The word “and” has been replaced with “&”, and this is to keep things neat and simple.
And lastly, instead of using the logo to represent me, this time, I am saying it out loud and boldly. 

Let’s start with this little change. 

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