19 September 2019

I will be adding Blackwing Pencil into our listing.

I have been using Blackwing pencils for a couple of years, and I really l love it.

Firstly, the quality of the pencil. It comprises the best graphite and best wood in the world, which gives writing a nice experience. Beside the experience, one such pencil can last for a long time, which make it cost efficient.

Secondly, the pencil design is distinctively unique. At one look, users will know that it's a Blackwing pencil.

Lastly, it's dark enough. Having try out different pencils, and having to decide between HB, 2B or 4B, I just want something without any "B", yet, gives me a dark shade, which makes writing visible.

With all these reasons, I decided to add Blackwing pencil into my listing of items for sales.

"Blank and Write" refers to the unique combination of notebook/paper (Blank) and pen/pencil (Write). We have covered the "Blank" experience with Field Notes, that has been in our listing for the past five years. It is about time to add the "Write" experience to our listing. After years of testing and trying, Blackwing pencil impresses me the most.

The challenge now is that Blackwing pencil is not willing to give me the distributorship unless I have a physical stall, which is not practical for Blank and Write. But this does not stop me from having these unique pencils on my listing. I will be bringing them in and sell them near my cost price (US shipping always cost a bomb). I am doing this because I have a trust in the brand and quality, and most importantly, the unique writing experience.

As an advocate to writing, I always enjoy writing with fine writing instruments.

Note: I have added some Blackwing pencils and items in Blank and Write Carousell listing, do check them out.

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