2 January 2019

The beginning of 2019.

First thing first, let me wish my readers out there, a Happy New Year!

2018 had been an exciting year, and a couple of major things had happened, which led me thinking that life is short, and we must treasure every moment of it.
Looking forward, I hope to be active on my blog, and hopefully, I am able to write more posts, and I also hope to have the opportunities to work with some companies to promote their pens, notebooks, and their gears.

Another thing I will like to try for this year is to share about the items of my Every Day Carry (EDC for short). Here's the contradicting part, I am trying to minimise the items I own, but yet, I will like to explore the ideas of trying out many other things

So, let me kick off this post with my first project of 2019, which is the stenciling of my name on my Muji sleeve in order to cover up the dirty glue patch.

Initially, the plan was to do the stenciling with a paint marker, but the Uni-ball Signo Noble Metal Metallic pen just did a fine job.

The second project in line was the refill replacement for my Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Body Retractable Ballpoint pen. Inside this pen, I replaced the old refill with a Fisher Space Pen PR Series Pressurized Ballpoint Pen refill. I must say, it is an enhancement in the writing experience.

And the final project for the first day of 2019 is to get myself a new pen to start the new year.
Nothing fancy, but aesthetically, the pen look rather pleasing to me.
It is a Parker IM Premium Twin Metal Chiselled Ballpoint pen, replaced with Parker Gel Pen Refill.

As much as I like this pen, but I doubt that this will be the last pen purchase for 2019, I will say, it's just the beginning.

Thank you for being with me, and I will see you on the next post.

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