4 February 2015

Maximizing my Muji A6 notebook

In the past, the frequency of changing my EDC (Every Day Carry) notebook is about once every month or every 1.5 month.

It will be about 12 notebooks for a year. It will cost me about USD40 (SGD$50.00) a year if I use Field Notes Original 3-pack.

For 2015, I am saving up for some big project coming my way;
I decided to cut down on spending $$$ on notebooks (and fountain pens).
1 method is to maximise the use of my notebook - to use all the available spaces if possible.

My Current EDC notebook is....

A MujiA6 notebook, which I started using it on 10 Dec 2014.
As of today (04 Feb 2015), I'm now down with the last few pages - I'm glad to have lengthen the lifespan of my notebooks. 

Lengthening the lifespan means:
- cost saving 
- tree saving
- storage saving

How I do it?

One way of doing so is, to write less. 
But of course, that's IMPOSSIBLE, at least for me.

Another way I'm doing it is to divide one page into 3 columns. 

In order to create 3 columns, my writing needs to be small. Therefore, I use a EF / F nib fountain pen to do the writing. My current EDC pen is a Sailor Candy fountain pen

I will usually finish 1 column before writing the 2nd or 3rd column. It wasn't easy at first, but after a while of practicing it, I got use to it eventually. 

If you have any other methods on maximising your notebook, you can share them on my comments, or you can email me at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com.  

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