28 September 2014

My Collections of Traveler's Notebook.

Not sure if you know, but I started my first Midori Traveler's Notebook back in Year 2008. 
Back then, traveler's notebook like this (leather cover with interchangeable notebooks) was not as popular today. 

As I remembered, there aren't many people using Midori Traveler's Notebook back then.
Searching for inspiration on how to enhance my Traveler's notebook can only be done on Flickr.

In the recent years, I have more exposure to other traveler's notebook through the Facebook / Instagram. From there, I realized that I can get a customized Traveler's notebook in other colors
I can also get a leather cover that holds different types of inserts, particularly, Field Notes size.

My collections for FN size (3.5" x 5.5') fauxdori expanded with the opening of Blank and Write Shop

Let's see, what I have in my collections:

Top Left:
Pelle Journal, started in USA, and I got this black leather cover for review.
It is neat, but it does not charm me enough to use it - It's still new.

Top Right:
A Tan cover I got from a marker in I came across in Midori Traveler's Notebook Resources (Facebook group). I am all crazy for Tan leather. This is another new cover that has not seen action yet. 

Bottom Left: 
Braini Pocket, a customized leather cover from Japan. Instead of using elastic cord to hold the cover, it uses a non-elastic leather strap and turn it around a button to lock it. This is my daily carry as of now, replacing my Regular Size MTN (which is on the right). 

Bottom Right: 
This is my first Midori Travler's Notebook which I got in Year 2008. It was badly abused, and that's the way it should be. This is now retired and I am using it for personally journaling.

Top row:
The different editions of Midori Passport size Traveler's Notebook: Nigel Cabourn edition, 2014 Daily Planner and Star Ferry Edition.

Bottom Left: 
Personal PP size MTN on the left is my first PP MTN, another piece of retired MTN.
EDC (Every Day Carry) on the right is one I took over from a friend, and I am carrying it everyday.

This is going to be a long list, so let me KISS (Keep It Simple & Sweet).

1 & 2 are from Cody Williams (www.wmsbag.com). 
If you are a owner of Cody's product, you will certainly love his work.
Not only did I own 2 covers from him, I had my daily carry bag by him.

3 was from Davis Leather Works, a Field Nuts edition. 
It has a special way of attaching the notebook to the cover, which I personally don't like.
Therefore, I done some modification to it.

4 & 5 is from Monique Vanmeulebrouk (her online shop is here). 
I wanted something nude - Tan leather, with no treatment, and I got my 4 from her. 
5 is a special customized piece - I told her I need a stiff leather, and she made sure that this piece is completely well done.

6 was a gift from Vijay of CraftyDoodles.

7 is a Raydori from Ray Blake. I have badly abuse this cover, which turns out great.

I got 8 as a gift, and it was purchased from E2 Field Gears.

9 is a fabric felt cover hand stitched by a friend. 

Brass pen is a new kind of poison altogether.
Despite the fact I have many other brass pens, bullet brass pen is a total different thing.

I think I have done enough poisoning.....

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