28 September 2014

5 Steps to enjoy traveler's notebook

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So now, you have a Traveler's Notebook, how are you going to enjoy it? 

Tabiyo Shop as the perfect solution!

Step 1: Purchase a Starter Kit - Regular / Passport Size.

Step 2: Purchase 004 Pocket Stickers.

Step 3: Purchase 008 Zipper Pocket.

Step 4: Hand pick the second refill that suit your lifestyle.

Step 5: Purchase 016 Pen Holder to make your first TN perfect.

旅よderived from Japanese, means 'Lets's Travel' 

Tabiyo Shop has all you need for your next travel journaling, from Midori Traveler's Notebook, to MTN refill, to MT tapes and many more.

Looking through the website, you will not only see products, but also many pictures and information on how the founders / coach / friends use their MTN.

Their Facebook Page, Tabiyo Shop, share about updates of their products, or for pre-orders.

If you are residing in Malaysia, here will be a good place to get your Midori Traveler's Notebook. 


  1. Hi! Do you know where I could get a starter kit in singapore? Just came across your blog today and it has inspired me to start journaling and planning again. Always loved the idea of it but never finished the year as I'm such a procrastinator + perfectionist that once I don't like how it looks anymore or I missed out somedays I would stop completely haha. This seems to be very customizable so id like to try it again! Thanks for your website all the info has been great!

    1. Hi Unknown,

      (1) You can get the Midori Traveler's Notebook at NBC outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre. You can purchase a normal cover that comes with a free insert, and you can add on a Free Diary refill (http://www.midori-japan.co.jp/tr/english/trnotebook/refill/) if you are afraid that you give up half way through.

      (2) You can get a leather crafter to customize a leather cover for you with your preferred notebook size (A5, A6, etc). For myself, now i m moving on to A6 size notebooks because it is cheaper and I can get them easily.

      Feel free to contact me at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com if you need any advise :D.