18 September 2014

My write, Karas Kustoms Aluminium Retrakt.

This picture is made dark and slightly blur with intent.

Got this pen for a few months, can still Lovin' It. 

Weighing at 28.35gram, it is one of the heaviest pen I have. 
Many people who borrowed my pen commented that my pen is heavy when I hand over to them.
So what do I like about this pen?

First, there isn't "clicking" sound whenever I depress the pen.
Quiet. Silent.
I just can't stop pressing down the pen when I am holding it. 

Second, it is durable (of coz it is, cos it was machined from 60-61-T6 aluminium - I've no idea what is that actually). But yes, I had dropped this pen countless time, and I can simply pick it up and write again. It doesn't scratch my heart any bit. 

Thrid, I can switch between Pilot G2 refill, or Parker refill.
Times and again, I keep having problem with Pilot G2 refills (ink bubble forming at the tip), and I gave up using G2 refill for this pen.
So now, I have a Parker ballpoint refill in it, and it works perfectly fine. 

But what I dont like about this pen is the smooth metal surface.. the pen I am holding my pen doesn't allow me to grip it well - I have to use a silicon pencil holder (the green thing you see in the picture) as a stopper for me to have a better grip.  

Other that this smooth surface, it is a good EDC (Every Day Carry) pen to bring around. 

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