9 December 2014

My inked fountain pens.

I used fountain pen for a short period of time, and I stopped, to try out Machined pens. 
I was stuck at Machine pens for quite a long while, until the recent purchase of 2 Lamy Safaris, which kicked off the Fountain Pen fever again. 

Ever since from then, my inventory of fountain pens kept increasing every week.

There are so much to learn about for fountain pens - the nibs, the ink, the build, etc... 
And I am still novice when talks about fountain pens. 

What will be my personal preference for fountain pens?
I like vintage fountain pen, irregardless of price.
Recently, I bought a vintage looking Parker Frontier, and I love the built a lot. 

Another design I like a lot the the China-made, Hero 372-2 fountain pen, with a needle nib. 

Which I inked it with Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue. 

There's so much to share when it comes to fountain pens.
In the next posts, I will share some of the pens that I have, and why do I collect them?

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