6 November 2014

The Pocket Dump

Introducing The Pocket Dump, the sleeve for your notebooks. 

For many notebook users, like me, we like to keep our notebook in our pockets (especially cargo pants). Over time, the cover of our beloved notebook became badly wore out. 

Some notebook holders can be too bulky to stuff into our pants pocket; Some similar commercial is too expensive because of the material use and the cost of production.

Therefore, I decided to produce a sleeve that is thin, light and affordable.

Made of thin cotton, it does not add bulk to your notebook while slotting into your back pockets.

Each Pocket Dump can hold 2 Field Notes size (3.5 x 5.5) notebooks, or 1 A6 notebook. 

Here are some photos of my own Pocket Dump:

There are only 20 pieces for this production, it might, or might not reproduce again. 

Let me know if you are interested to purchase the Pocket Dump. 

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