12 November 2014

Standard Memorandum, a pocket planner full of memories.

This Standard Memorandum has been with me all the time since the start of Year 2014. 

It is a small planner, but it serves a great purpose. 

Standard Memorandum was created by Jon Contino, and was distribute by Word. Notebooks.

Mine, contains all my schedules, important contact numbers, and information. 
It has been through many different leather covers, and now, together with my Pocket Dump. 

It is a small planner, really small.
Its about the height of Field Notes, but half the width. 
If you are using a FN sized fauxdori, or a passport size Midori Traveler's Notebook / fauxdori, you can attach one to your system. 

Honestly, it is not suitable for everyone because of the size; I cant write a lot with the space given.
It's only meant for me to pen down my schedule.

Word. Notebooks has just launched the new 2015 Standard Memorandum
Pack with the similar features, it has gather a lot of new attentions. 

From what I have seen, many people have been looking for the Standard Memorandum 2014 after it has completely Sold Out.

So in order to avoid any disappointment, place your order Fast!!!

Good news for the readers in Singapore!!
There are 20 copies of Standard Memorandum 2015 on its way to Singapore, and the reservation list has started.
To reserve a copy for yourself, drop us an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com, with the subject "I want to reserve a SM 2015 for (your name)", and we will reply your with a confirmation. 

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