3 January 2016

Fixing my Midori Star Ferry Edition Brass pen

If you own a Midori brass pen, you definitely love how functional this little pen is:
- it's small to carry around;
- the refill has an extra fine nib, suitable for those who has small hand writing;
- the refill is cheap;
- and most importantly, it's beautiful. 

But, after using for a (long) period of time, you might faced a challenge that the nib got "sucked" into the body. And that's because the stopper at the back of the body lost its grip. 

If you are facing a similar experience, you are not alone. 

This happened to my Midori Star Ferry Edition brass pen:

So this is how it looks when the nib got "sucked" in:

At the top is how the nib of a normal brass pen looks like. 

I'm determined to fix this problem so that I can use this pen again. 
And Scotch Single-use Super Glue Gel will be the solution. 

All I have to do is to push the stopper back to its position, and apply some super glue to cover back of the body. 

I let the super glue set overnight to create a hard surface, thus preventing the stopper from pushing back again (perhaps, the stopper is glued to it's position again). 

Now, the problem is solved, and my Star Ferry brass pen is back to normal again. 

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