28 December 2015

My (current) Midori Traveler's (Life) Notebook

New year is just around the corner and it's time to revamp my Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN).

I have used a couple of different leather covers and nothing beat this Midori Traveler's Notebook. It has been with me since 2008 (about 7 years), and I can say, it's Built to Last. So far, I have yet replace the internal and external elastic cords, the only things I have changed are the inserts in it. 
Many readers have commented that they like the outlook of my leather cover.
And I will always tell them, "abuse your MTN to bring out its character". 

Sorting out
To make things easier to understand, 
- notebook inserts = Booklets,
- leather cover with notebooks in it = Traveler's Notebook / TN
Currently, I am using 2 TNs, each for different purposes; and there are altogether 4 booklets.
It is really confusing for me as I have to switch between the 2 TNs. 
So, I decided to "break them apart and fix them back together". 

My (current) Midori Traveler's Notebook

So here's my MTN.....

I have my Midori brass pen and Midori brass pencil in this elastic pen holder, which will be attached to my MTN. These are just additional pen/pencil on top of the current pen I am using. 

On the inside, the side pocket (on the left) holds a instax photo of a temple which I took in the recent trip to Batam, Indonesia. 

And on the right, is the big pocket of the Midori regular size zipper pocket which now holds my metal stencil (read more about the metal stencil by clicking on the link).

The first booklet is "The Lifebook". This is somewhat like a Traveler's journal, where I will paste name cards, photos, receipts into it. These are memos or information that I can refer to in the future. The date on the cover indicates the start of the particular booklet. 

I am using blank booklets for journaling; it allows me to write, or paste, anything, anywhere onto the page, without lines as my boundaries. 

The second booklet is the "Book of Knowledge", where I will pen down useful quotes and information when I do my readings. I started this habit of writing down quotes when I was a teenager. Previously, I would pen useful quotes in a particular notebook, and read it when I need motivation. I called that notebook,  "The Happy Book". Ever since, I have been writing quotes in different notebooks, and it the end, I have no idea where it gone to. So I am starting this Book of Knowledge to have the useful quotes contain in it. 

My zipper pocket contain random stuffs - stickers, photos, money. I have been using this zipper pocket for 7 years , and surprisingly, it is still working well. 

There is little use for the pocket at the back of the journal, so I am using it to hold my ruler. 

Pen.....  I'm using a Muji 0.5 black pen for this MTN, and this pen fills nicely into the Midori M size pen loop. If you are looking for the "perfect" pen for your MTN, you might want to give it a try because it is cheap and it writes pretty well. 

When I first got this MTN, I will protect it by keeping it in cloth bag that comes with the leather.
Over time, I just stuffed the TN into my bag(s) without the cloth bag - seriously abusing it.
Never did I image that the outcome of such abuse will turn out so beautiful.
But if you are a Perfectionist, I will still suggest to get a bag / or use the cloth bag, to protect your TNs. 

So that's about it for my Midori Traveler's Notebook. 
In the next few posts, I'll share more about my other TNs, and also, my damaged brass pen. 

Till then..... 


  1. Beautiful, it looks so good with abuse and age. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed your post

    1. Thank you Vanessa, hope you will like other posts too.

  2. I came over from the Tiny Facebook group. I love your leather's character or patina, as some may call it. Use = love.

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