13 January 2016

My Brain Pocket Traveler's Notebook

Today, let me share about the Traveler's Notebook that I write on daily - my Brain Pocket.

A quick recap of this beautiful TN. 
I got this piece of jewel back in Year 2010, from a Japanese leather crafter, thru Flickr.
She had some beautiful leather products, and her leather notebook covers caught my attention.
Each leather notebook cover was customised - From the leather, to the colour of the elastic cord, to the book marks, to the button of the button closure and to the charm on the bookmark string. 
She wasn't good with her English language, but we managed to work things out. 

After keeping this jewel for a good 5 years, I decided to use it in 2015. It is only recently that I start using more of this Traveler's Notebook. 

I love natural leather as it can brings out the charm, the stains and the scars in an obvious manner. As you know, I like to abuse my TNs (I'm not overly protective over them). There was once that I placed this Brain Pocket on top of a wet tissue without realising it, and water stained mark was left on the leather. The stained mark is now a "battle scar" on this leather.

Let's have a closer look at my Brain Pocket. 

Unlike the other Traveler's Notebook, it uses a button closure rather than a elastic closure. 

First insert: my Fitness Log.
I'm using a monthly undated planner insert to record my runs and workout. 

And I have to stencil every single month. 

Next, my Daily Reflects.
For this, I'm using a weekly undated planner insert to do my daily reflects / daily journaling. As there's limited space available, I have to use a extra fine pen to do the writing.

3 topics occupied the page on the Right:
- Blog Posts: things to blog about.
- Must Do: things that need to complete.
- Overview: What happened this week.

I have a zipper pouch in this TN to store my stencils and some useful items. 

And in between this zipper pouch is my Black  Book. I'm using a black cover with Kraft paper insert for my personal journal. 
Personal journal? Yes, a place when I do my mental diarrhoea - a place where I talk to myself. 

Like I mentioned, I need an extra fine pen for all my writings in this TN, and Midori Brass Pen is the best choice. 

Rather than using the normal clip-pen-holder, I'm using a money-clip to hold my pen.

So much about my Brain Pocket Traveler's Notebook, and I hope this give you some inspiration for your upcoming TN. 

~ Everyone Deserves a Notebook ~

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