19 January 2016

Every Day Notebook

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So today, let me share about my Every Day Notebook, one that I carry on a daily basis.
This is part of my EDC - Every Day Carry. 

I bought this leather cover from Monique, and I kept it for about a year. Finally decided to use last December. 

This Traveler's Notebook holds 3 inserts / notebooks, namely: "Rough Book", Weekly Planner, Information. 

"Rough" Book 
I recycled an outdated (Year 2011) passport size planners for writing random stuffs.  

In it, I am using some time management tools to help me to keep track of my daily activities.
It is also for my To-Do-List.

Weekly Planner
I am using a Quarterly weekly planner, which I got from Marsia Bramucci
This Field Notes size planner gives me sufficient space to list down my work schedules and my appointments.  

I'm using a Field Notes Snowblind edition to pen down important information - contact details, price list , etc. 

As this edition is made of Graph paper, so it is ideal to use the 3CPP (3 Columns Per Page) format, which allows me to save pages, and for easy data referencing. 

I have a Midori 2014 Plastic Sheet, aka pencil board, which comes in handy when I needed a hard surface to write in my "Rough" book. 

As the pencil board might dropped out of the notebook anytime, I'm using an Oli clip to secure it in between the pages.  

The Gold clip ruler goes well with the color of the natural leather. Having a ruler in my notebook makes it easier for me to write lines - especially when I'm using 3CPP in my Field Notes. 

Needless to say, a good pen is required for every day writing. I'm using a Karas Kustoms Retrakt with a G2 fine refill. 

Thank you for checking out this post, and I hope my set up gives you some inspiration.

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