24 January 2016

Traveler's Notebook Blue Edition

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The time has come when I needed another Traveler's Notebook!!!

While journaling in my Brain Pocket Traveler's Notebook, I realised that it's too thick it is difficult to write in. So I broke away my Personal Journal insert and transfer to the new Blue Edition.

Opening up my Blue edition brought me back to the time I opened up my first Traveler's Notebook - the brown TN. 

This Blue edition is indeed a beauty! 

The package includes:
  • Blue (navy) leather cover (2mm thick and vegetable-tanned) 
  • One extra rubber band (blue)
  • One refillable notebook (blank) 
  • Cotton clothe bag

More information:

Dimension: W 4.5" x H 8.5" (when it is closed)  
Designed By: Midori in Japan
Made In: Thailand & Japan

While this edition is Sold Out in most places, but if you do a search, you might find some online shops still selling it. 

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